Towards Excellence

C V Raman. The very name connotes an intelligence of the rarest kind, and pursuit of excellence of the highest order. At C V Raman School, we are dedicated to fostering that spirit alive, through our holistically tailored program for ambitious youngsters, who dream of entering the highest portals of learning in India (IITs). We are headquartered in Coimbatore and are a team of experienced and qualified teaching professionals, with a passion to impart comprehensive learning and understanding of the rudiments of the Sciences and Mathematics.

Premier Aspirations. Premier Institutions

To become a part of India's premier institutions demands a different perspective to the concept of learning. Training programs for IIT-JEE, often tend to be rigorous and in-depth. Naturally, such programs tend to coincide with the mainstream curriculum.

Learning with a Difference

At C V Raman School, we understand the demands such training schedules have on a child's day-to-day routine. Typically, the schedule is spread over three phases with adequate time intervals between consecutive phases.

Our faculty bring with them more than 20 years in the field specific training and this has given us the advantage of delivering quality training to meet the exacting demands of IIT-JEE. At the same time, we empathise with our students and help them to cope with the unrelenting pressure to succeed. Therefore, whilst our students learn to master subjects for their age, they also learn the values and codes that help students hone the right attitudes.